Seller terms

1. List your book (free)

Specify ISBN, book condition, and your price.

We'll do the rest. We are actively maintaining book titles, covers, descriptions. Your books will stay listed until you sell or remove them. There is no listing fee.

We have access to millions of ISBNs, however at this time we are unable to list your book if we cannot find the ISBN you provided. 

2. Ship

You will receive an email from us when one or more of your books are sold. You are responsible for shipping the order within 2 days.

If you are able to ship the entire order within 2 days after order placement, please go to the Sell your books -> Orders page and print a shipping label. Before shipping make sure the order had not been canceled, then mark it as shipped. Marking the order as shipped will prevent the buyer from cancelling it while it's in transit. If you are unable to ship within 2 days, please cancel it on Sell your books -> Orders page. 

We calculate shipping fees using USPS media mail rates based on the weight of the books. Shipping fees are collected from the buyer and will be reimbursed to you (see 3. Get paid). Shipping fees are estimated based on the book information available to us, which may not be 100% accurate. If you disagree with the amount we collected, you have the option of cancelling the order. Shipping the order indicates agreement with being reimbursed the amount shown on the order details page.  

3. Get paid

We will pay you using PayPal 30 days after the sale. 

We collect the total amount of the order and the shipping charges from the buyer. Our fees are 10% of the entire order (the cost of books and shipping combined), or a flat fee of 75 cents per order, whichever is greater. We will deduct our fees and will initiate the payment 30 days after the sale, unless the order is reversed by the buyer or by you within that timeframe (for more information see Other situations). 

We will use PayPal to remit your payment. The payment will be sent to the email address you used when you registered. PayPal will email you when your payment is available for withdrawal. 


4. Other situations

        The buyer cancels the order 

Buyers may cancel the entire order or parts of it at any time before it is marked as shipped. You will receive an email notification if an order is canceled. Please always check the status of the order before shipping to avoid mailing a canceled order.


        The buyer returns the order 

Buyers may decide to return their orders within 7 days of receipt. If the buyer initiates a return on, you will receive an email notification. The buyer will ship the items being returned back to your address at their own expense. After you receive the returned order, please check the “Refund” checkbox next to the returned items in the order and click the "Refund" button. This will allow us to refund the buyer promptly and to relist your items. However, please do not refund the order until you receive the items the buyer is returning. The order will be automatically refunded in 30 days after the refund request with no action from you.

If you do not receive the items back in 14 days, please alert us to the matter. We will do our best to contact the Buyer and resolve the situation. Once the order is refunded, we are limited in what we can do. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund the shipping costs the seller or the buyer incur. If the order was shipped by the seller and then returned by the buyer, the seller is essentially responsible for the shipping charges they incurred when they shipped the order to the buyer, and the buyer is responsible for the shipping charges they incurred when they shipped it back to the seller. 


You can’t ship the order

If you are unable to ship the order within 2 days, please cancel it on Sell your books -> Orders page. You can also cancel individual items.


You shipped the order, but the buyer didn’t receive it within 2 weeks after the shipment date

If the buyer didn't receive the order within 2 weeks after the shipment date, we will contact you for a proof of shipment. It is your responsibility to work with your shipping provider to recover your package or file an insurance claim. We will refund the buyer if you are unable to provide a proof of shipment or if the package was lost in transit.


The buyer is unable to receive the order at the address provided

If the buyer contacts us because she/he is unable to receive the order at the address provided, we will cancel the order and will refund the total of order to the buyer, and the total of the shipping to the seller after the order is returned to the seller.